LiSA x VMLYR // WHITEPAPER on Social Entertainment Commerce

April 29, 2021

As a live commerce solution provider we often get asked by our retail customers about Social Entertainment Commerce strategies in general. What options are the best for my brand? What even are the options? What are the respective pros and cons?
In this white paper we teamed up with e-commerce consultancy VMLYR to help brands and e-retailers navigate the jungle that is Social Entertainment Commerce. Specifically, in this white paper you will learn: 
  • About the underlying fundamental shifts in consumer behavior driving these new types of digital shopping experiences
  • Why and how social entertainment commerce ideally addresses these needs
  • About the 3 routes you can take as an e-retailer (1. social media shopping, 2. bringing social experiences to your own e-commerce, 3. featuring on entirely new hybrid worlds/platforms) including case examples for each
  • About the pros & cons of each route (reach vs. own-branded experience vs. data ownership vs. transaction on own e-commerce)
Depending on your strategic intentions for your e-commerce business, this white paper can serve as a starting point to understand what options best suit your brand. Should you desire to explore your options in more depth, the teams at LiSA and VMLYR are happy to help!


This is Maximus UI Kit template for all Webflow customers