10 Proven Winning Strategies to Boost Sales & Brand Engagement with Live Shopping

Omega Love
April 25, 2023
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From interactive product launches to live Q&A sessions, live commerce is opening up a plethora of innovative ways for businesses to drive sales and connect with their audience. Brands across all industries are embracing live streaming as a brand-building tool and bridging the gap between live selling and e-commerce – ideal for targeting Gen Z. Integrating live commerce into your long-term marketing and sales strategy is a tactical way to beat your competition, boost sales and increase brand engagement – keep reading to find out the winning strategies you need to succeed.

“Live shopping is rapidly becoming an essential part of the e-commerce experience for customers and brands.” - David Sandström, Chief Marketing Officer, Klarna.

Tip #1: Consistency is key

Don’t think of live streaming as a one-and-done or sporadic affair.

Setting a regular schedule - ideally two weekly live streams - is the best way to maintain a steady drumbeat of viewer engagement. This will keep your most dedicated, high-value customers coming back for more, whilst providing opportunities for new followers to engage with your brand. Promoting your live shopping event via email, website and social channels before, during and after the event will help maximise viewership.

Tip #2: Pre-promotion of Your Live Shopping Launch

To get impactful engagement and conversions, it’s essential to advertise your event long before going live. You should plan enough time for pre-marketing activities for your live shopping event and ensure that immediate activation takes place right before the event. This can be done using emailings, website pop-ups and social posts to attract your audience. Follow-up emails and reminders work very well and it’s key to make your consumers feel like they’re invited to a VIP event.

In terms of content, we advise you to highlight:

  • Important details – theme, date, time, link to join
  • The benefits and comforts of live shopping – personal, visually stimulating, interactive
  • Exclusive advantages of joining the live shopping event – chance to ask questions, access to new collections, buy live for limited editions…

Tip #3: Show off your brand ambassadors’ knowledge

There is no better way to build strong interpersonal connections with your customers than through your living, breathing brand representatives. Live shopping streams offer brand representatives a chance to showcase their curation skills and increase their visibility to new and existing customers, all while reinforcing your brand’s authority and boosting overall customer engagement.

Not sure where to start? Investing in an easy-to-use, end-to-end video streaming solution like LiSA can help improve sales through creating, broadcasting and managing live streams - the results of our clients will shock you.

Tip #4: Leverage Influencer Marketing

Are you working with an influencer to market your products? If not, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to drive your sales. Micro-influencers are a great choice because they’re lower budget and hyper-focused on one niche. Once you’ve settled on an influencer, ask them to create product video marketing content, such as unboxing videos, how-to videos, and product demonstrations.

Tip #5: Make It Irresistible

A great way to increase the viewership of your live video shopping event is to provide a unique offer or an exciting discount to your audience during the event. It can help you tap into the impulse buying sentiment of people. With 57% of women buying clothes and shoes impulsively, you’ve got a huge chance of captivating intrepid shoppers. For men, 49% will buy electronics on impulse, while 44% will buy toys, games, and books on impulse. By making the customer feel they’re saving some money, you can make them buy more and boost your e-commerce sales. The greatest advantage here is that it’s a time-bound sale, so there would be a huge fear of missing out (FOMO) among the viewers too. The VIP feeling/exclusivity creates a sense of thrill that amplifies the customers’ connection to your brand. It nurtures them to become loyal customers with a high customer lifetime value (CLV).

Tip #6: Host-focused Q&A Sessions

Unlike browsing your e-commerce store or engaging with your social media posts, live video shopping creates a more sensory experience for them, and this can accelerate conversions. Shoppers interact with your brand through Q&As and chat in real-time and get a raw behind-the-scenes look into your brand.

Get the engagement rates up by:

  • Encourage questions but also pre-select a Q&A topic to guide the discussion
  • Using subtitles. When you add subtitles to a video, it makes it more immersive and makes it possible for viewers to watch the live event on mute
  • Respond to comments

Tip #7: Host Giveaways and Run Polls

To grab the attention of your consumers, make the live selling event lively using fun activities such as polls, trivia, and games. Moreover, you can motivate your customers to participate by offering giveaways for individuals who participate or win these games. Doing so will keep consumers in your live selling event for longer, boosting your sales in return.

Tip #8: Time-sensitive Frame #limitededition

When you use a countdown timer to highlight a deal that will end soon, it becomes all the more irresistible. No wonder limited edition items are often sold out sooner than anticipated. When you utilise timers to signify hot deals that are about to expire, individuals get the urge to nub these items as fast as possible. It's called the persuasion principle of scarcity. You can see this trick in action in the companies that slap "limited edition" on goods to sell them faster. Use a timer and watch as people rush to buy the products before the clock hits zero.

Tip #9: Track Your Metrics

Tracking your metrics helps you know the success of your live video shopping event. LiSA’s all-in-one management tool helps you know what works and what doesn’t and sheds light on areas that need improvement and allows you to track:

  • Total viewers
  • Viewing time
  • Avg. viewing time per user
  • Add-to-cart rate
  • Engagement rate

Tip #10: Multistreaming

When it comes to live selling, if you wish to boost your sales immensely, multistreaming is the way to go. We understand that your audience may be most active on a single platform, but multistreaming can help you reach other viewers and potential customers.

So, when you use the above-mentioned live selling tips for your live selling strategy, you could extend their benefits by going live on multiple platforms at once using LiSA’s multistreaming feature.

Prepare for the Future, Beat Your Competitors Today

Live shopping is quickly becoming a powerful tool for businesses to increase brand engagement and boost sales. By integrating live streaming into your marketing and sales strategy, you can offer customers a more interactive and personal shopping experience that bridges the gap between in-person and online retail.

Get in touch with LiSA for tailored services designed to put you at the top of your industry.

Any questions to this blog article? Please contact: Kathrin Gering - kathrin@hello-lisa.com

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