Own Omnichannel Like No Other

Your commitment to your customers is unflinching. It extends from your in-person interactions to all your digital touchpoints. But, for some reason, that dynamite in-person experience isn’t translating to your digital content. There’s been a gap between the two… until now. 

At LiSA, we’re here to help your online shopping experience glow up, so you can showcase your special je-ne-sais-quoi in a way that online audiences really get, even at scale.

Enter the Shopping Revolution

The Power of LIVE 

Live shopping powered by LiSA will take your customers’ love for you to the next level. Here’s why you should go for it:


Offer customers a unique way to experience your brand up close & personal



Delightful & engaging discovery → informed purchase decisions → lower returns



Direct relationships → increased loyalty & frequency → higher AOVs & conversion



Drive sales through YOUR e-commerce & keep full margins



100% ownership of data on customer level (not even LiSA will know ;)


Solutions To Power Any Use-Case

Throw us your toughest use cases. Our flexible range of solutions empowers you to work on your terms, flawlessly.

LiSA Business

Cue the jazz hands. With LiSA Business, you can easily customize and embed a live shopping channel into any of your products. By copying just one, teensy code snippet into your CMS, we can have you live before you can say “Give ‘em the old Razzle Dazzle!”. With automated widgets for upcoming show feeds and live alert sticky buttons, creating awareness around your events is no sweat. We’ll help you be brilliant and dazzle your fans with:

Launch your own live shopping channel with a single code snippet

Select from a range of automated front-end widgets for seamless customer journeys

Book the support package that fits your needs

Decide which flexible license period is best for you

Integrate in-app if desired

Discover LiSA Business

LiSA Enterprise

Empower your community of partner brands, creators, and key opinion customers. Boost their confidence to give them that main character energy they’ve been craving. With LiSA Enterprise, you set the stage for unlimited parallel live shopping streams and endless creator channels. Invite your community to become your content drivers and convert that user-generated content into sales – all from your own shop. This next-level of community commerce allows you to:

Launch unlimited parallel live-shopping channels/streams right on your e-commerce

Create individual live shopping channels for different content themes or even invite your brands or creators to run them

Get access to LiSA Master Admin Suite to manage activities across multiple live channels

Explore LiSA Enterprise

Shoppable Videos

Convert more casual shoppers into brand stans with your video content. Embed pre-recorded product demos, live show replays, or creative user-generated videos into any (or all) of your product pages. When you foster a flawless shopping experience for your customers, you breathe new life into your brand. Recharge your shop with:

A shoppable video feed (or even just single videos) anywhere on your site

Automated widget plugins for crazy-fast set-up, so you’re up and running in no time

An extended live stream work life

Start with Shoppable Videos

Analyze This

Powerful data to turn your intuition into real and actionable insights

hello Lisa Dashboard

Are you sure you’re ready to learn what your audiences truly want?
Since they’re enjoying live shopping experiences directly on your website, interacting directly with you through a live chat, and adding-to-basket and converting - plug in your e-comm analytics, and you can finally have a full funnel view from inspiration to purchase, without cross-platform breaks in the data.

Within your LiSA Cockpit, you’ll have access to...
...compelling insights into your live audiences’ behaviors and preferences. Beyond show metrics such as viewers and average view times (shown on very cool visual dashboards) you can dig deep into engagement metrics and discover which part of your live show they loved the most. Analyze your chat transcripts to pick up on sentiment and discover what your audience would love for you to talk about more. Observe how live shopping - and later shoppable recordings - have an impact on consideration periods and conversion and become better and better at discovering who loves what kind of content and creator. Live and social entertainment content is predestined for targeted CRM, once you crack the code, you’ll have unstoppable organic community growth on your hands.

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Join The Shopping Experience Revolution Today!

Who said integrating social commerce was easy? Oh, wait, we did. With LiSA, you can start interacting with your online customers on a personal level, delighting them and converting your content to sales right before your eyes.