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Online experiences ache for real inspiration and authenticity. So, let’s be real with Live Commerce: interactive and shoppable live streams are so effective because customers trust sincerity and love interacting. When shoppers see actual people beside your brand, and they can become a part of the conversation, your credibility goes through the roof – and so do your sales. No wonder it’s called the “next global shopping revolution.”

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Why Choose
Live Shopping?

Flexibility to Power Any Use-Case

Whenever, wherever…we’re meant to be together. No matter your size or scope, we have the just-right approach to help you launch live events on-site so that it fits your brand and keeps your audience coming back for more. Whether you want to book a live shopping channel for just a one-off special event, launch a customized channel in your own e-commerce, or even require a turnkey solution for a multi-creator approach - our solutions check every item on your live commerce shopping list.

Most Joyful and Intuitive User Experience

Live Shopping delivers the best results when it’s fun. Fun and intuitive for your audience to discover your awesome content. Fun and intuitive for your team to work with. We know that being the person to introduce a new tool to the team can be daunting. Choose LiSA to power your live shopping, and be sure to be a favorite among colleagues.

Your Package, Your Pricing Plan, Your Pace

We win if you win. It’s that simple. It’s our mission to make you succeed with Live Shopping. To do that, you need a partner that supports you every step of the way to finding the content strategy that really makes your audience go “hell yeah!” and comeback for more every day. Start with a simple feature-set and a no-code set-up if you desire, then select from a range of widgets and APIs to embed experiences more deeply as you go. Select from a range of support packages, services and even pricing plans to fit your needs.

Powerful Analytics, Compelling Insights

In the end, the proof is in the pudding. While LiSA’s compelling visual dashboards offer your team a great way to see how your live shopping shows are performing at a glance - be it engagement rates, sales, what have you - the particularly valuable insights come from the unfiltered feedback your audience is giving you during the live interactions. Work with us to learn how live shopping can quickly become your most valuable source of customer feedback and how to leverage it to become better and better. 

Live Shopping Solution To Power Any Use-Case

Throw us your toughest use cases and we’ll help you shine. Whether you already have a live shopping content calendar planned out or you need an extra hand, LiSA’s Live Commerce solutions can help you nail down exactly what works for your audience. With both customizable and turnkey solutions for your e-commerce, LiSA has whatever you need to start your very own shopping revolution.


Prepping for special live shopping events should be exciting, not stressful. But you can’t run the world with basic launches (and, even if you could, would you really want to?) If you’re hyping up new products or campaigns, you need live selling events that match your energy. So, how do you create an interactive live online experience that stops shoppers in their tracks and converts them on the spot?

This is it. With LiSA POP, you can book your own live shopping channel for your next event without the drain on your resources. Without any tech lift (!) on your end, you can:

Book a customized live shopping channel for an event

Enjoy modular, event-based pricing

Make products shoppable from any e-commerce (yours or a partner’s)

Choose from a great menu of supporting services

Enable full affiliate tracking


LiSA Business

Cue the jazz hands. With LiSA Business, you can easily customize and embed a live shopping channel into any of your products. By copying just one, teensy code snippet into your CMS, we can have you live before you can say, “Give ‘em the old Razzle Dazzle!” It' so easy! With automated widgets for upcoming show feeds and live alert sticky buttons, creating awareness around your events is no sweat. We’ll help you be brilliant and dazzle your fans with:

Your own live shopping channel launched with a single code snippet

A range of automated front-end widgets to create seamless and smooth customer journeys

Support packages that fit your needs

Flexible license periods

In-app shopping

Discover LiSA Business

LiSA Enterprise

Empower your community of partner brands, creators, and key opinion customers with Live Commerce. Boost their confidence and show them they’re the main character in their shopping journey. With LiSA Enterprise, you set the stage for unlimited parallel live shopping events and creator channels. Invite your community to become your content drivers and convert that user-generated content into sales – all from your own shop. This next-level of community commerce allows you to:

Launch user-generated or multi-live-shopping channel programs right from your shop

Keep full margins on the user-generated content that’s driving your sales

Maintain full ownership of all your customer data while you collect deep insights

Get access to LiSA Master Admin Suite to manage activities across multiple creators/live channels

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Analyze Your Live Shopping Events

Powerful data to turn your intuition into real and actionable insights

hello Lisa Dashboard

Are you sure you’re ready to learn what your audiences truly want?
Since your customers enjoy live shopping experiences directly on your website, interacting directly with you through a live chat, adding-to-basket and converting - plug in our e-comm analytics, and you can finally have a full funnel view from inspiration to purchase, without cross-platform breaks in the data.

Within your LiSA Cockpit, you’ll have access to...
compelling insights into your live audiences’ behaviours and preferences. Beyond show metrics such as viewers and average view times (shown on very cool visual dashboards) you can dig deep into engagement metrics and discover which part of your live event they loved the most. Analyze your chat transcripts to pick up on sentiment and discover what your audience would love for you to talk about more. Observe how live shopping - and later shoppable recordings - have an impact on consideration periods and conversion and become better and better at discovering who loves what kind of content and creator. Live and social commerce content is predestined for targeted CRM, once you crack the code, you’ll have unstoppable organic community growth on your hands.

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Who said integrating social commerce was easy? Oh, wait, we did. With LiSA, you can start interacting with your online customers on a personal level, delighting them and converting your content to sales right before your eyes.