Why LiSA?

At LiSA, we enable best-in-class, joyful, and seamless live shopping in your e-commerce with fair and flexible pricing to up your engagement and revenue. With a frictionless user experience, live shopping with LiSA is customizable to your brand's identity and intuitive to use and set-up. Our range of solutions caters to everyone's needs - whether you're merely curious, looking to embed further, or seeking to launch a live commerce program on your marketplace.

Is LiSA compatible with my eCommerce platform?

LiSA is compatible with almost any e-commerce platform! Our solutions enable retailers and brands to offer fun and seamless live stream shopping events in their own e-commerce or in-app hassle-free.

How long does it take me to run my first live shopping event?

If you want to go live quickly, we suggest starting with our browser-based, API-free LiSA “CONNECT” product. We can get brands set up on this product within days, sometimes hours.

What are the costs of live shopping with LiSA?

LiSA offers flexible license packages according to your needs starting from 3 months onwards, with a fixed component (monthly license fees) and a variable component (traffic fees which you pay per actual usage).

How many live shopping events can I do with LiSA?

You can host as many live stream shopping events as you desire. Our customers’ live shopping events range from one to five times a week or multiple-hour all-day events.

What support does LiSA offer?

Driven by analytical insights, we are here to help you find the right live shopping strategy for your target audience and host show-stopping live shopping events from day one. Once you have decided to bring live stream shopping to your online shop with LiSA, our support team will guide you through the onboarding process. We'll then assign a dedicated Customer Support Manager to support you throughout the contract.

“Where” will the live shopping events take place?

With the LiSA “CONNECT” product, you will create a subdomain of your choice where your live shopping events will happen - and which you can drive traffic to from anywhere you desire.

Is LiSA GDPR compliant?

Yes! You can say “hello!” to GDPR compliance.

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