Shoppable Videos-Put Your Videos to Work

Whether streaming past live shows for longer online shelf lives or conversion-boosting brand/product videos, you can easily embed LiSA’s shoppable videos anywhere on your e-commerce site. In this new dawn of digital customer discovery, creating sparkling video content that’s seamlessly shoppable should be your North Star to eclipse expectations.

5 Easy Steps To Make
Your Videos Shoppable:

Hello Lisa Dashboard
Create and Upload an Awesome Video 
Or select a recording from a past live show.
Use LiSA’s Video Editing Tool
Select the perfect video cut-out.
Select Products For Shoppable Feed
Choose from an automated drop-down enabled by a product feed or by entering the PDP URL.
Post Anywhere on Your Website 
Publish the shoppable video on any page of your website, thanks to LiSA’s automated widget.
Track Engagement and $$$
From hearts to dollar signs: keep a close eye on how many eyeballs your videos garner with LiSA’s intuitive visual dashboards.

Why LiSA’s Shoppable Videos

Let Your LIVE Content Live Longer

We all know that feeling of wanting a live show to last forever? Well, now it can. Our live shows self-record automatically, and through the LiSA dashboard you can easily decide and manage how you want your content to continue striking awe. That can be through a shoppable feed (thanks to an automated widget!) or single recordings per product page.

Make Your Existing Video Content Convert Better

Beyond your recorded live shows, perhaps you have some brilliant video content in the box that you wish would give a better stage on your e-commerce. And even better: rather than asking your customers to either watch a video (or leave to finalize their purchase!) offer them a truly seamless experience. Shop while you watch, if you will.

Connect with Content Collaborators: Power to the People

As you scroll through certain brands' social feeds, you'll notice some cringe efforts at video content that doesn't quite connect. Sometimes, it's best to source the people, as user-generated content can outperform pro ad campaigns. You're already converging commerce and content, so why not bring together the best of your community with your marketing? Open the shoppable video feature to curate the most brilliant viral creators to churn out content for your brand. With this caliber of user content, you can't lose.

A Child Could Do It: Easy Content Management and Distribution

You want to back up any frontend e-commerce experience with the promise of ease, i.e., could a new marketing intern figure it out? At LiSA, we've answered this age-old query with the “intern usability test.” It’s a resounding yes – test our tools for yourself!

Join The Shopping Experience Revolution Today!

Who said integrating social commerce was easy? Oh, wait, we did. With LiSA, you can start interacting with your online customers on a personal level, delighting them and converting your content to sales right before your eyes.