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LiSA stands out from the retail tech SaaS crowd because our solutions are designed by professionals who have a deep-rooted expertise and passion for innovative commerce and customer experiences. In fact, you’ll find that the majority of the LiSA team has many years of experience in spearheading change in retail or e-commerce sectors. So, not only do we speak your language and truly understand your challenges – our solutions and services are designed exactly the way you need them to work within the context of your large company's operations and systems. 

At LiSA, we’re here to make shopping a joyful, human experience again. We create solutions that actually solve all your pain points (instead of introducing more) and help you to smoothly transform your online shop or media outlet into a buzzing destination of social entertainment and discovery. No, we’re not mind-readers. We just understand your needs because we’ve been where you are.

The LiSA team is made up of veterans in the e-retail space: co-founder Sophie Frères has over 13 years of experience in driving innovative customer experiences in big-box FMCG and luxury retail and teaches courses on the social and live commerce space at Columbia.

Her co-founder, Philippe, grew up in a family-run retail business for childrens’ fashion and sits on multiple retail association Boards. LiSA CTO, Michael, helped build one of Germany’s largest fashion e-commerce platforms and our Business Development Lead, Sylvia, used to manage Metro Group’s Retail Tech Startup Accelerator program in Berlin. It seems fair to say that we know a thing or two about your industry.

By staying curious and ahead of the curve, we’re helping e-retailers like you level-up their customer experience to build those all-important direct and interactive relationships and reach the ultimate goal of community-driven commerce. After all, product discovery, inspiration, and education should be just as much of an experience online as it is in real life.

Tell us what you’re looking to achieve, and we’ll help you to not only find a solution that works for you, but will take you by the hand every step of the way until your e-commerce has  become a buzzing social hub your customers can not get enough of.  Sound good?

The LiSA Team

A long, long time ago in a galaxy (not so) far away, both of our co-founders were working in retail. It was there that they realized they shared a common problem: most of the e-retail SaaS solutions currently on the market were not designed for their environment. It often felt like they were offered standard tools that they had to force themselves into. But, even then, these solutions were always missing the mark.

Then, our co-founders were introduced to and started experimenting with live shopping on their own customers. When they discovered how effective live and social commerce could be, they wondered why couldn’t they develop a customizable yet easy-to-integrate, even headless, solution for the e-commerce industry themselves? They decided to help other retailers step into the future, and LiSA was born.

 Since then, the team has grown to serve the industry. We’ve expanded from a team of co-founders to a veritable power squad. Meet some of the brains behind LiSA.

Sophie Frères
Sophie Frères
Co-Founder and CEO
Philippe Frères
Philippe Frères
Co-Founder and CPO
Michael Krohmann
Michael Krohmann
Michael Krohmann
Gary Perez
VP of Growth
Sylvia Dudek
Sylvia Dudek
Business Development Lead
Daniela Miska
Daniela Miska
Key Account Manager

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How LiSA is Shaping the Future of Social Commerce

We’re starting the social commerce revolution in the West today, but there’s so much more to be done. There’s a trending problem within Western e-commerce: platforms are so busy fighting over customer data that they’re actually hurting the customer experience. They’re siloing themselves, preventing customers from exploring products through more than one platform at a time.

While seamless cross-platform discovery is a daily reality in China, in the West, we’re still experiencing pitifully choppy journeys.  So, how do we move forward? As a whole, the industry needs to open up to cross-platform discovery. This is something LiSA is actively working on with our social commerce cloud and headless solutions but it requires industry solidarity to really work. All the big players need to come together at one table because, ultimately, teamwork makes the dream work. So, let’s unite to reach the ultimate goal: seamless social and live commerce experiences for all. If you’re interested in discussing a potential integration or partnership with LiSA, drop us a line.

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