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Go Shorty with Shoppable Stories

For customers that are still at a very early stage of their discovery, little bite-sized chunks of video content can be a very compelling way to do that. From social media platforms we know that some will spend hours tapping through and exploring. So now imagine your customers would have a similar story-feed experience when landing on your online shop… AND it were seamlessly shoppable.

5 Easy Steps to Creating
Your Own “Shorties”

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Create and Upload an Awesome Video 
Or select a recording from a past live show.
Use LiSA’s Video Editing Tool
To create the perfect little clip (30 seconds max!)
Select Products For Shoppable Feed
Either from an automated drop-down enabled by a product feed or by entering the PDP URL. 
Post To Story Feed Anywhere on Your Website
Publish the shoppable short story to a feed experience anywhere on your website
Track Engagement and $$$
Keep a close eye on how your shorties perform with LiSA’s intuitive visual dashboards.

Why LiSA’s Shoppable Stories

Break Live Show Content Into Killer Sales

Want to recapture moments from a well-executed live shopping event? Little bite-sized video bits are an ideal entry point for customers new to the shoppable content landscape, and can capture candid LIVE moments and repurpose your live shopping experiences. Imagine all the scrolling, swiping, and clicking through their short-form video feeds. Now, imagine every time they touch their screens, they can enjoy a seamlessly shoppable experience on top.

Connect with Content Collaborators: Power to the People

As you scroll through certain brands' social feeds, you'll notice some cringe efforts at video content that doesn't quite connect. Sometimes, it's best to source the people, as user-generated content can outperform pro ad campaigns. You're already converging commerce and content, so why not bring together the your community with your marketing? Open the shoppable video feature to curate the most brilliant viral creators to churn out content for your brand. With this caliber of user content, you can't lose.

A Child Could Do It: Easy Content Management and Distribution

You want to back up any frontend e-commerce experience with the promise of ease, i.e., could a new marketing intern figure it out? At LiSA, we've answered this age-old query with the “intern usability test.” It’s a resounding yes – test LiSA’s tools yourself!

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Analyze This

Powerful data to turn your intuition into real and actionable insights

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Are you sure you’re ready to learn what your audiences truly want?
Since they’re enjoying live shopping experiences directly on your website, interacting directly with you through a live chat, and adding-to-basket and converting - plug in your e-comm analytics, and you can finally have a full funnel view from inspiration to purchase, without cross-platform breaks in the data.

Within your LiSA Cockpit, you’ll have access to...
compelling insights into your live audiences’ behaviors and preferences. Beyond show metrics such as viewers and average view times (shown on very cool visual dashboards) you can dig deep into engagement metrics and discover which part of your live show they loved the most. Analyze your chat transcripts to pick up on sentiment and discover what your audience would love for you to talk about more. Observe how live shopping - and later shoppable recordings - have an impact on consideration periods and conversion and become better and better at discovering who loves what kind of content and creator. Live and social entertainment content is predestined for targeted CRM, once you crack the code, you’ll have unstoppable organic community growth on your hands.

Join The Shopping Experience Revolution Today!

Who said integrating social commerce was easy? Oh, wait, we did. With LiSA, you can start interacting with your online customers on a personal level, delighting them and converting your content to sales right before your eyes.