How This Social Shopping Veteran Brought its Community-Based Business Model Online with LiSA

AVON has grown with LiSA over 3 years, starting with large special events. They now build out community-led live shopping programs for their brand representatives.

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+100%: LIVE sales growth in 1 year

Average view time per live show : 15 minutes / 30 av. show time

Average audience engagement : 50%

Social sharing rate : up to 43%

Key Takeaways:

AVON has grown with LiSA over 3 years, starting with large special events. They now build out community-led live shopping programs for their brand representatives.

Average sales per live show have continuously grown, and are now at € 200K (+ 100% in just 1 year)

LiSA is a critical tool for AVON, and we have helped to accelerate real direct community togetherness and growth in an online environment


Phase 1: Bringing AVON Convention Online During COVID

When COVID-19 forced everyone into lockdown, AVON USA was faced with a unique challenge. Every year, the social-shopping veteran would host two in-person events for their brand representatives. When the shutdowns took those in-person gatherings off the table, AVON was looking for a way to not only stream its summer and winter conventions online, but also to offer real-time audience interaction and a seamless path-to-purchase.


And so they turned to LiSA.


The results blew all of us away. Between the two virtual, LiSA-supported weekend events, a total of 17,000 brand representatives joined online. Engagement levels reached 90%. Total sales? $1.3 Million. Almost every single product sold out.


What’s more: many brand representatives who would not normally have been able to attend the in-person conventions could now participate virtually. The overall participation rate went through the roof. AVON was thrilled with this new and engaging virtual event option.


In fact, AVON was so pleased with the results that they continue to offer the option of virtual attendance at their events — even now that they have resumed their in-person gatherings. AVON’s semi-annual conventions are now hybrid events, enabling their in-person and virtual communities to come together as one.


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Phase 2: Making Live Shopping a Weekly Habit

Fueled by the success of their large online conventions and by the rave reviews they had received from the participants, AVON decided to enlist LiSA’s help once again. 

In early 2021, the brand began running regular live shopping events through its website, In fact, you can watch some of their fabulous recordings—or catch the next live show—right here!


With up to 4 shows per week, AVON is creating highly valuable content for its community of customers and brand representatives alike. AVON embraces a community-led content approach, using a mix of sets—ranging from an in-house mini studio, to special brand event locations, to brand reps’ own homes—thus keeping it fresh, exciting and authentic for audiences.


Within just one year, AVON has managed to double its average sales per show, now reaching € 200K . Average audience chat engagement has reached 50 %. And—this is especially exciting to see—social sharing now reaches up to 43%. 

In other words: up to 43% of AVON’s live audiences love what they see so much that they invite their friends to join in. LiSA offers organic community commerce growth at its best!

Phase 3: Bringing the Power of Live Shopping to AVON’s Community of Brand Representatives

If you think about it, AVON’s business model — where brand representatives host shopping parties for their friends and local communities to discover AVON’s products — could be seen as the “original” in-person version of social commerce.


As the retail space observes a general shift in shopping habits, it seems like a natural extension of AVON’s services for its brand representatives to also host digital shopping parties for their clients. In the upcoming months, AVON plans to give a selected group of brand representatives access to their own live shopping channels so they can do just that.


Stay tuned for the results!


If you want to achieve similar levels of success by offering your community — or perhaps sellers on your marketplace — access to live shopping studios and channels, make sure to check out LiSA SHINE here.


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