The Ultimate Social Commerce Guide for Omnichannel Retailers

Kathrin Gering
December 20, 2023
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Did you know that 73% of customers use more than one channel in their purchase journey? Your customers weave through a web of online and offline touchpoints, seamlessly transitioning from one to another and this intricate dance is what we call the omnichannel experience. The most successful brands know if they’re not present at the right time, in the right place, or in the right way, they’ll lose their customers to their competition.

So, what's the most effective content to attract and retain customers in this omnichannel world? The answer is clear: video content. Video generates 1200% more shares than both images and text. When harnessed correctly, video content can transcend traditional marketing and sales efforts, becoming a viral force for your brand.

But here's the catch: orchestrating an omnichannel strategy can be a daunting task. Coordinating content across multiple channels while ensuring consistent engagement often feels like threading a needle in the dark. However, there's a ray of hope on the horizon—social video commerce. 

Social shopping solutions, such as shoppable videos, shoppable stories and live shopping shopportunities offer a lifeline for brands and retailers. With LiSA's comprehensive all-in-one social commerce suite, these engaging shoppable video formats are not only effortlessly managed within a single platform but also optimized to ensure your content reaches further and works harder for your omnichannel strategy.

In this article, we'll explore how shoppable video formats can be your ace in the hole, transforming your omnichannel experience from ordinary to extraordinary. By the end of this journey, you'll not only grasp the essence of video commerce but also be inspired to leverage it to its full potential for your business.


Understanding Omnichannel Experiences: What Are They and How to Succeed

An omnichannel experience is all about maintaining a consistent and engaging connection with your customers and potential buyers across a wide array of online and offline channels. In the retail world, this is known as omnichannel retail, a strategy that involves making your products and services available for purchase 24 hours on every possible channel and platform. The goal? Expanding your reach, minimizing purchase barriers and driving sales.

In an omnichannel retail experience, you'll find a mix of brick-and-mortar stores, app-based options, and online platforms. The key to success here lies in integration. Customers should seamlessly transition between touchpoints, and each channel should have a unique strategy tailored that’s grounded in understanding the customer, what they’re looking for, and their stage in the buyer's journey.

Phygital Integration: Merging the Digital with the Tangible

In today's retail landscape, 'phygital' strategies are pivotal, merging the immediacy of digital with the physicality of in-store experiences to satisfy the evolved preferences of modern shoppers. This approach ensures a smooth transition between the virtual and the real, providing a cohesive and uninterrupted retail journey.

At the heart of this integration is video, a medium that captivates by delivering crucial information in an engaging and effective manner. Customers are eager to see products in action, to visualize them in real-life scenarios through the eyes of actual users. They crave interactive and immersive experiences, and with LiSA's innovative solutions, retailers can transform live or prerecorded video content—be it testimonials, tutorials, demonstrations, or how-tos—into interactive, shoppable videos.

These dynamic videos do more than just show a product; they demonstrate its use, highlight its features, and connect emotionally with the viewer, significantly enhancing the shopping experience. The impact is clear: viewers retain up to 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to a mere 10% when reading text. Through these phygital experiences, retailers are not just selling a product; they are offering a journey that is as informative as it is enchanting.

Live Shopping Events: The High-Converting Cornerstone of Social Commerce

Live stream shopping elevates the omnichannel experience, creating an interactive and captivating space for consumers. It stands as a distinctive feature for brands, offering a cost-effective way to customize the shopping experience to meet consumer demands. Live Shopping is emerging as a transformative approach for attuning to and addressing customer preferences.

Here's a generalized overview of the personalized engagement live shopping facilitates:

  • Consumers have the convenience of making purchases during the live experience.
  • Brands can guide customers to pertinent information, aiding their decision-making process.
  • It's an effective tool for discerning customer preferences and fostering a community of brand loyalists.
  • It opens avenues for deeper interaction, cultivating relationships with high-value customers who are likely to return.

Omnichannel retailers are capitalizing on livestream shopping by turning their physical locations into dynamic studios, where their brand experts double as live hosts. This strategy enriches the omnichannel experience, merging in-store personalization with online convenience. It's a streamlined approach that harnesses real-time interaction to meet customer needs, drive engagement and conversions through a powerful social commerce channel.

Insert Video Commerce Into Your Omnichannel Retail Strategy With LiSA

Incorporating social commerce with shoppable video formats like shoppable stories, shoppable videos or live shopping events into your omnichannel retail strategy can be a game-changer for retailers and provide an edge over competitors. By crafting a customer experience that is both seamless and engaging, and personalized at every interaction, brands can bolster customer loyalty, enhance conversion rates, and cultivate enduring connections. Omnichannel is the premier approach to meet your customers wherever they may be, and it demands the finest content to engage them effectively. If you're poised to weave seamless shoppable video into your omnichannel strategy, book a free consultation with the video commerce experts at LiSA today!

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