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January 25, 2024
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Simplified Social Commerce for Ecommerce Success

Table of contents: 

  • What are Shoppable Stories?
  • Why do Brands Need to Create Shoppable Stories?
  • Create Shoppable Stories in just a few steps
  • Get Started with Shoppable Stories

Imagine your favorite Instagram or TikTok-style storytelling brought seamlessly to your website with a twist—it's shoppable! Shoppable Videos are the superheroes of interactive content marketing. They're like virtual shopping adventures where you can seamlessly go from storytelling to shopping in a single click. These stories, often in the form of vertical videos, captivate users with visually stunning imagery and videos, showcasing your brand's USPs and offering a more connective retail experience than your competitors.

Global brands turn to LiSA to solve their toughest marketing and sales problems. Does your brand suffer from the same:

An uninteresting, static, website that lacks the engaging and dynamic social-media-like discovery experience that your consumers crave?
Are you pouring your marketing budget into designers, videographers, and influencers to create captivating social media content that vanishes into the digital ether after 24 hours? Viral videos or high awareness on social media platforms, but not enough ROI?

Do you suffer from a high bounce rate, because your customers come to your website, browse briefly and leave?

You’re not alone—so many brands turn to us as we give them the power to transform their website into a fun, exciting, dynamic space for their audiences to discover products and spend money in one click. Shoppable stories can be your salvation—they’re not just about discovery/awareness, they concretely generate sales and improve your CRO.

Shoppable stories are adored by forward-thinking, cost-conscious brands that want to keep their existing content working harder and longer, boosting dwell time, SEO, and website traffic. Like Charlotte Tilbury, AVON, why not give your website a makeover with a familiar Instagram-like experience that your customers will love, and maximize your ROI on the video content you already have—get the free trial to see what a difference it makes! 

In this blog, we'll explore the concept of shoppable stories and why they offer your brand a unique opportunity to boost engagement and drive sales, all while keeping the user experience as captivating as ever.

What are Shoppable Stories?

Shoppable Stories are a unique format of shoppable videos, combining the visual appeal of storytelling with the convenience of ecommerce. They are a dynamic form of content marketing. These stories often feature products in real-life scenarios, making it easy for consumers to envision how the products might fit into their own lives. 

The key feature that sets shoppable stories apart is the integration of clickable product links within the images or videos which you can easily do through LiSA, the leading video commerce platform in the world. When your customers tap on the product link, they’re taken for example directly to the product page, where they can learn more about the item, view additional images, and make a purchase. 

This frictionless transition from inspiration to action is what makes shoppable stories such a powerful tool for brands. They enable an ideal customer journey where inspiration seamlessly leads to a convenient shopping experience, all without leaving the platform. This is precisely what consumers want: a hassle-free and straightforward shopping experience.

Why do Brands Need to Create Shoppable Stories?

Imagine your website transforming from a static storefront into a dynamic, interactive platform. Shoppable stories offer your brand the same enticing social media discovery experience, enticing visitors to spend longer on your website, exploring your products, and increasing dwell time, which leads to more conversions. It becomes a captivating digital space that instantly grabs your audience's attention with bite-sized stories, each embedded with clickable product links. Here's why this transformation is a game-changer:

1. Supercharge Your Returns

Shoppable stories aren't just about enhancing user experience; they're a turbocharged strategy to maximize your ROI. They're a budget-savvy, resource-efficient tool that unleashes the full potential of your content treasure trove. In essence, shoppable stories superpower your brand by seamlessly connecting social media discovery with online shopping. They take your existing content and transform your website into a dynamic showcase of your products and brand narrative, luring visitors to explore, engage, and ultimately make purchases, all while ensuring a sustainable ROI. It's a win-win game plan that benefits both your brand and your audience.

2. Improved Audience Engagement

Your well-designed and functional website might be missing that special something to keep visitors engaged. Often, they click in, browse briefly, and then exit. LiSA's Shoppable Stories can transform your brand's website or app, infusing it with the kind of interactivity reminiscent of Instagram. These bite-sized pieces of content inspire and inform your customers, extending their dwell time and motivating them to purchase a product directly from the story.

3. Extend the Life of Your Content with LiSA

Do you find that you’ve invested a significant amount of your marketing budget in creating engaging content for your social media channels, but sadly your social media content has a short shelf life? 

If you’ve spent money and time on creating video content that sadly disappears after 24 hours, why not preserve it for longer and earn extra sales from it?  By easily uploading your existing video content to LiSA's user-friendly platform, you can make your videos work twice as hard without doubling your effort. Simply add the products you’d like into the video through our platform and watch as you turn those fleeting likes and views into tangible sales.

4. Mobile-native Content for Your Brand App & Website

Did you know 79% of mobile users have made a purchase online using their mobile device in the last 6 months?

With LiSA’s intuitive video commerce platform, you can effortlessly integrate engaging story features into your brand's app and website. Say goodbye to long textual formats and hello to visually appealing, snackable in-app and web stories that your customers can easily watch and shop from. These interactive, mobile-native experiences resonate with your audience, providing a dynamic platform that encourages higher engagement and, most importantly, more conversions.

Shoppable stories captivate users by offering an immersive and interactive experience, and as a marketer, I know the most powerful tool is bite-sized video. As humans, we’re naturally drawn to stories, and brands can leverage this to create an emotional connection with their audience, leading to increased brand loyalty and trust.” - Kathrin Gering, Marketing Manager at LiSA

Create Shoppable Stories in just a few steps

One of the best aspects of shoppable stories with LiSA is how easy and quick we make it for brands to create shoppable stories for their website. In the same way you’d publish stories on Instagram, we give you the platform to create shoppable stories in a few minutes. Here's a step-by-step guide:

1. Copy & paste a code

We’ll give you a piece of code, just simply add it to your website.

2. LiSA CMS Integration

Create a new story in the LiSA platform

3. Upload Content

Upload your existing videos, stories, and photos

4. Customize

Define the publish date, time duration, category, and creators.

5. Add Products

Integrate your products and add them easily into your stories to make them shoppable.

6. Publish!

Go live with your shoppable stories

Get Started with Shoppable Stories

Shoppable stories represent the perfect fusion of storytelling, ecommerce, and interactive content marketing. As shoppable stories are still a relatively novel concept, brands that adopt this technology early gain a competitive edge, as well as increase engagement levels, dwell time, and ultimately drive-up sales. Being at the forefront of innovation in digital marketing can set a brand apart and position it as a forward-thinking industry leader.

As you venture into the world of shoppable stories, remember that they're not just about selling products; they're about forging lasting connections with your audience while boosting your bottom line. So, go ahead, and create your shoppable stories in a few minutes from now with LiSA’s video commerce platform.

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