Elevate Your Online Sales with this 3-Step Guide to Mastering Social Commerce

Omega Love
November 28, 2023
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Crack the code of Social Commerce in 3,2,1…

We’re about to share the secret 3-Step Formula to successful social commerce. What if we told you that your website could generate more sales with no almost no extra effort? You’ve done the hard work of creating viral videos and sizzling stories, and we’re here to seamlessly bring it to your website in a way that's totally shoppable.

Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered with this tried-and-true, easy process to successfully start social commerce. 

While many brands are investing heavily trying to master the social commerce game, we’re seeing lots of success with a formula that’s not only helping our clients drive more conversions, but also in cultivating a really engaged community on-site, as opposed to just on their social channels. By extending its useful life and repurposing impactful social content on-site and fostering more conversation/feedback through live shopping events, brands are making a more proactive effort to be approachable and authentic.


Our clients like Charlotte Tilbury, Marks & Spencer and Friday Atelier have already reaped the benefits of our strategic, 3-step approach. 


Step 1: Shoppable Stories with LiSA   

Imagine turning your online store into a vibrant, interactive space where users can leisurely explore your products. That's exactly what LiSA's Shoppable Stories offer – short form, engaging videos that add a social media twist to your native website. The endlessly scrollable, engaging videos offer a leisurely exploration of your products, encouraging users to browse and discover your offerings in a fun, bite-sized "window shopping" style.


Key features of LiSA’s Shoppable Stories:

📹 Effortless… repurpose content from your social channels.

🕐 Prolong user dwell time, nurturing brand immersion.

🌟 Foster brand awareness and evoke curiosity.

🚀 Seamless implementation—no IT projects needed.

💰 Amplify average order value by up to 30%.


With LiSA's Shoppable Stories, you can create short and sweet interactive shopping experiences that go beyond traditional online shopping, that invite shoppers to engage with your brand in a fun, digestible way and bring them back for more.


Step 2: Shoppable Videos with LiSA

Now, let's focus on turning your existing content into a sales powerhouse. Through LiSA's Shoppable Videos formats, we’ll help you make your existing videos shoppable and add them to your product pages to drive a remarkable boost in conversions. Think of it as having a personalized shopping advisor right in your customer's hands.


Key features of LiSA’s Shoppable Videos:

🎥 Harness the conversion potential of brand/product videos.

🛒 Make video content seamlessly shoppable.

🛍️ Emulate the personalized service of an in-store shopping advisor.

🔥 Achieve a remarkable 10X boost in video conversions.


LiSA's Shoppable Videos serve as powerful tools for customers seeking detailed information, offering them the nudge they need to make a confident purchase decision. By providing detailed information, you not only enhance the shopping experience but also significantly reduce cart abandonment rates.


Step 3: Live Shopping with LiSA

LiSA's Live Shopping is your ticket to real-time customer engagement and sales. Whether it's a product launch, flash sale, or direct customer interaction, this format delivers. With high conversion rates of up to 37% and soaring social sharing rates, live shopping isn't just an event – it's a revenue-boosting experience.


Key features of LiSA’s Live Shopping solution:

🎉 Mirror the ambiance of in-store shopping through digital channels.

💬 Facilitate real-time engagement with Q&A sessions and personalized recommendations.

🚀 Harness the persuasive power of immediacy.

📈 Attain engagement rates soaring up to 90%.


Hosting your brand’s live shows through LiSA's easy-to-use platform is the ideal solution to help better inform customers and lower return rates. This live content format is a really authentic way to communicate with your audience and provides a seamless path to purchase during the broadcast.


Ready to Elevate Your E-Commerce Experience with LiSA?

The transformative power of LiSA's Shoppable Stories, Videos, and Live Shopping is undeniable. Follow our winning 3-step formula backed by real results from industry leaders and witness the transformative power of LiSA's innovative social commerce platform. We’re here to help you tackle cart abandonment and build community with engaging, authentic video content formats. Book a free personalized demo with LiSA now.

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