10 Video Marketing Trends for Your Ecommerce

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February 13, 2024
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The Most Powerful Ways of Using Video Content in 2024

Table of contents: 

  1. Shoppable Stories—Short, Sweet, Snappy
  2. Shoppable Videos—Breathing Life into Your Products
  3. Live Shopping—Put on a Retail Show in Real-time 
  4. Snippets—Short-Form Video with Lasting Impact
  5. User-Generated Video Content—Keeping it Real
  6. Silent Videos with Subtitles—For Watching Videos in Every Situation
  7. Personalized Videos—For Maximum Customer Connection
  8. AI in Video—Your Tech-savvy Sidekick
  9. Cross-platform Strategies—Omnichannel Video Marketing
  10. Video FAQs—Educational, Efficient, Easy

If you've landed here, chances are you're keenly aware of the critical importance of video marketing in the modern digital marketing arena. The era when text and still imagery reigned supreme has passed. Today's consumer demands more—much more. From the explosion of live shopping experiences and interactive 360-degree videos to the integration of augmented reality and cutting-edge AI technologies, the appetite for immersive and interactive video content has never been higher. In the U.S. alone, the digital video marketing sector has ballooned to a whopping $135 billion industry, highlighting the immense value that brands place on video content creation and distribution.

This remarkable surge in demand signifies a clear warning: if you're not actively producing and sharing branded video content, you're likely to fall behind. However, diving into video marketing can seem overwhelming, whether you're crafting your first video or you're a veteran looking to innovate further. That's where our expertise comes in, offering you the guidance you need to navigate this journey.

Going viral with your videos is great, but with tight marketing budgets and high inflation, 2024 is all about making your video content work harder, smarter and last longer to earn you even more money, and all this is possible with video commerce. From video-first algorithms to livestream ecommerce, the video marketing experts at LiSA share the trends to watch out for in 2024. Keep reading if you’re interested in discovering the top video marketing trends for 2024, and learn how video technology can skyrocket your conversions, boost engagement rates, enhance customer experience, and foster community growth.

1. Shoppable StoriesShort, Sweet, Snappy

Dive into the hottest trend in ecommerce and video marketing: shoppable stories on your brand website! These bite-sized, visually captivating tales are excellent for improving your product discovery and engagement rates directly on your ecommerce site. Here’s the best part: simply repurpose your short-lived 24-hour Insta stories and extend their lifespan and revenue potential by bringing them on to your ecommerce site as shoppable stories!

Say goodbye to boring static images and transform your online catalog into an exciting, video-centric product discovery experience. Embrace shoppable stories that are primarily designed for the TikTok generation, keeping those short attention spans hooked for longer which increases website dwell time, dramatically improving AOV rates by showing your brand products in the most captivating way.

By allowing shoppers to click on elements within the story for detailed product information and purchases, shoppable stories turn passive viewers into active participants, increasing conversion rates. 

If you’re keen to give shoppable stories a try on your website, LiSA is offering a 1-month free trial, so you can see the impact it can have on your brand sales, completely for free. 

Video Marekting Trend: Shoppable Stories
©LiSA: Shoppable Stories

2. Shoppable VideosBreathing Life into Your Products

Get ready for a game-changing shift in ecommerce video marketing this 2024—shoppable videos are taking center stage! More than just a trend, they're a revolution designed to enhance customer experience, improve engagement, increase AOVs and website return rates, and crucially, streamline the purchase process for shoppers to hit that checkout button. 

Looking ahead, we predict that shoppable videos will transform into multi-product buying videos directly on brand websites in 2024. For instance, Shop the Look videos empower shoppers to grab multiple products from one video which drives up those add-to-cart sales. But here's the key—you'll need the tech to seamlessly embed shoppable videos on your website, and that's where LiSA comes in as your ideal partner.

With a straightforward cut-and-paste code, LiSA lets you add a shoppable video feed or individual shoppable videos directly on your website. No need for extra video productions; just let your existing (social media) videos work smarter. Thanks to LiSA’s shoppable video management tool, you can effortlessly repurpose your viral video content in minutes—tutorials, product demos, replay live shows, reels, stories, shorts—making them fully shoppable.

Video Marketing Trends: Shoppable Videos
©LiSA: Shoppable Videos

3. Live Shopping—Put on Retail Show in Real-time

Live shopping is poised to revolutionize video commerce in 2024, standing out with its real-time product showcases that offer instant purchasing options. This trend, often referred to as live commerce or social selling, masterfully merges the immediacy of ecommerce with the dynamism of live streaming, creating an unparalleled opportunity for brands to engage directly with their audience in the moment.

At the heart of live shopping is authenticity—offering an unedited, genuine experience where shoppers can interact, ask questions and engage with hosts in real time, leading to spontaneous purchases. The beauty of this approach lies in its simplicity; there's no need for elaborate studios or high-end filming gear. Instead, consumers are drawn to the authentic setups where influencers or brand ambassadors share insights about products in a relatable manner.

LiSA stands at the forefront of facilitating this immersive experience, offering a leading video commerce platform that's the go-to for ecommerce brands aiming to master live video streaming. Trusted by renowned brands such as Charlotte Tilbury, AVON, and Marks & Spencer, LiSA enhances live shopping events with features like interactive polls and multilingual subtitles, ensuring an engaging and highly personalized shopping experience.

The impact of integrating live shopping into your strategy can be profound, delivering social media-like discovery directly on your ecommerce site with observable results in just days. Brands leveraging live shopping witness up to 37% conversion rates, enjoy up to 30% higher Average Order Values (AOVs), and see up to 43% of content being shared socially. These impressive metrics underscore the effectiveness of live shopping in not only driving sales but also in significantly enhancing the overall shopping experience, fostering brand loyalty, and amplifying social reach.

Video Marketing Trends: Live Shopping
©LiSA: Live Shopping

4. Snippets—Short-Form Video with Lasting Impact

Short-form videos like LiSA’s Snippets continue to dominate the video marketing scene, holding their ground as a top trend for yet another year. Packed with engagement, these bite-sized Snippets cater perfectly to consumers' short attention spans. To create your own snippet, simply take a segment from your live show or shoppable video and add it to your PDPs to showcase the product in an authentic and interactive manner. Clients who’ve used Snippets reported a whopping 40%+ uplift in Average Order Value (AOV). In the blink of an eye—just 2.7 seconds—you’ve got to hook your audience, and Snippets do just that. 

The integration of LiSA's tool further enhances this process, especially when used alongside live shopping content. This innovative tool streamlines the creation of Snippets by automatically capturing product-specific segments from your live content and seamlessly integrating them into your PDPs. This synergy not only simplifies the content creation process but also ensures that the Snippets are perfectly aligned with the live shopping experience, providing a consistent and engaging journey for the consumer from live event to product page.

TikTok set the stage for the short-form content frenzy, with other major social platforms swiftly following suit. Even YouTube, traditionally known for its long-form content, jumped on the bandwagon with its Shorts feature, proving the universal appeal of short videos. Looking ahead to 2024, expect more brands to leverage short-form video across their marketing channels, particularly on their websites, where short shoppable videos will come into play to generate more revenue.” - Kathrin Gering, Marketing Manager at LiSA

Video Marketing Trends: Video Snippets
@LiSA: Video Snippets

5. User-Generated Video Content—Keeping it Real

User-generated videos hold a special place in consumers' hearts, earning their trust above other content due to their authenticity. When real customers become advocates for your brand, the result is a powerful boost in both brand loyalty and trust among existing customers and potential shoppers, significantly increasing the likelihood of conversions.

Crafting user-generated video reviews emerges as a stellar strategy to get your customers buzzing about your brand, effectively fostering trust along the way. Let your customers be the voice of your brand, and watch as trust becomes the driving force behind increased engagement and sales.

6. Silent Videos with Subtitles—For Watching Videos in Every Situation

This may sound strange, but hear me out—the trend of watching videos without sound is on the rise. Many people watch video content in public spaces or during daily tasks—waiting in line, commuting on the bus, or even during meals. Sound isn't always an option, especially in noisy environments without headphones. So we recommend adding closed captioning, transcriptions, and subtitles to your videos which is easily possible with LiSA’s video commerce platform and this is guaranteed to help you directly cater to silent video watchers in 2024. Not only will they help you capture the attention of silent video watchers, but they will also help your videos become accessible to those with hearing impairments.

the most engaging types of in-feed social content

7. Personalized Videos—For Maximum Customer Connection

Hyper-personalization will be another top ecommerce and video marketing trend in 2024 with 54% of people wanting to see content personalized to their interests. This approach taps into real-time customer data, tailoring content to match consumers' needs and interests.

Crafting personalized video content isn't about creating a unique piece for every user who stumbles onto your site. Instead, it's about curating content that genuinely resonates with your audience based on their behavior and preferences. For example, creating a welcome video for customers when they sign up for your service—this kind of personalized video can make a big impact.

8. AI in Video—Your Tech-savvy Sidekick

No video trends list is complete without a shoutout to AI. It's like the superhero in marketing, playing a crucial role in everything from content to ecommerce. In 2024, AI is your go-to tool for making your video processes smoother.

For example, you can use AI algorithms to create a personalized video plan, crafting catchy video descriptions, and even predicting what questions customers might have about your products or services. It's like having a tech-savvy sidekick to boost your video game!

9. Cross-platform Strategies—Omnichannel Video Marketing

At this point, an omnichannel marketing strategy is a must. You don't have to be everywhere, but you do need to reach customers from various angles, and that includes your video strategy.

This video marketing trend zeroes in on crafting videos for different apps and cleverly repurposing content. For example, if you create a TikTok video and also post it on Instagram reels, you’ll gain even more engagement.

Additionally, we highly recommend that brands with a brick-and-mortar store explore live streaming shopping shows, as it has become one of the most popular and engaging methods for shoppers to connect and make purchases from brands. Many of our clients, such as Charlotte Tilbury and AVON, have embraced this approach due to the massive benefits it offers, like showcasing products in real time, fostering authentic interactions with customers, and boosting sales conversions. Plus, sharing the show across your ecommerce and social platforms maximizes your live shows’ reach and impact, ensuring you connect with a broader audience and drive more sales! 

Whether it's a mix of platforms or a tailored combination, the essence lies in adopting an omnichannel marketing strategy. It's time to expand your reach and focus on multiple channels simultaneously, and we’ve put together an excellent guide on how to get your omnichannel strategy started.

Video Marketing Statistics for Marketers

10. Video FAQs—Educational, Efficient, Easy

2024 is poised to witness a shift in how customer queries are addressed—welcome the era of online educational video FAQs! This innovative approach taps into the knowledge of real employees, featuring them in videos to directly address common questions on your website. These videos empower shoppers, accelerating their journey to find the information crucial for faster decision-making.

When executed seamlessly, video FAQs become a game-changer for enhancing the overall customer experience. Beyond that, they position your brand as a trustworthy fount of information, fostering customer trust, retention, and loyalty. It's not just about answering questions; it's about creating a seamless, informative, and trust-building experience for your valued customers.

Start Video Marketing for Your Brand This Year

To stay ahead of the curve in 2024, embracing the power of shoppable stories, videos, live shopping, and short-form content is non-negotiable, and mastering these formats and implementing them on to your ecommerce site is much easier with a partner. If you’d like to see your sales skyrocket and community engagement boom, then get in touch with our video commerce experts and we’ll help you increase online conversions and beat your competitors this year.

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