From Views to Sales: Make Your Social Media Videos Shoppable on Your Website

Omega Love
August 18, 2023
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Everything a Marketer Needs to Know in 2023 to Start with Video Commerce

Don’t have time for large video productions? Is your video marketing budget finished for 2023? Are you sceptical to try live shopping? The answer to these questions can be found in simply repurposing the current video content that you have on your social media channels like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube and letting LiSA work our magic to make them shoppable, and display them on YOUR brand website.


A shoppable video gives buyers the chance to see a product in action, rather than a static, unengaging image. In 2023, 87% of marketers say videos directly increased sales for their business, and 91% say videos helped to boost traffic to their website. Following suit, most brands have prioritized video within their online marketing strategy.


But, now think about your brand website—how much of it is static text and how much includes bite-size shoppable videos? 

Are the cool brand videos you have ONLY on your Insta reels, stories, TikTok or YouTube Shorts?

Are you now realizing the potential of turning a video view on your website into a purchase is lost?

You can close this gap between discovery and purchase by using video to guide decisions and giving consumers the option to buy through a shoppable video directly from your website. Keep reading to understand exactly what a shoppable video is, why it brings in more sales and website traffic, and how you can create it yourself.


What is a shoppable video?

A Shoppable video encompasses interactive video content designed to motivate website visitors to directly buy products featured in the video by simply clicking on a link or image. This feature enables viewers to watch a video, and the moment they spot a product that catches their interest, they can effortlessly click on it to access additional information and swiftly place it into their shopping cart. The advantage? The seamless path to purchase. Making it even easier for customers to buy the product. 


Rather than creating a confusing experience of opening different links and windows and being redirected all around, shoppable videos simplify the entire buying experience. Shoppable videos can be great for both pre-recorded campaign videos or a live video event. Shoppable videos may just be what you’re looking for as a dynamic element to add to your website to boost conversions. Also, it’s a great first step if you’re tempted by the idea of live shopping events, but you’re not quite sure to invest in the production side of it yet.

Overview of Shoppable Video Integrations on a retailers or brands webisite

Why do shoppable videos perform so well?

From TikToks to TV shows to online classes, people are glued to their screens and hungry for different types of videos like how-to videos, product demos, new launches, tutorials, and influencer videos.


Customers are tired of the traditional online shopping experience, they want more. Shoppable videos do just that – they’re stimulating, maintain the viewers’ attention for longer and inform your customers with a more personal experience and deeper product knowledge.


Your customers want to understand how the product they’re staring at looks in a real-world setting. They want to see videos of real people using your product. They demand a more interactive and immersive experience and it’s possible with LiSA to turn your existing video testimonials, tutorials, demos or how-tos, into shoppable videos. The compelling opportunity here is that it simplifies the path to purchase, so your audience can go from product discovery to conversion within a few clicks.

Do you know the top 4 reasons why so many brands from global retailers to small businesses are repurposing their social media video content and turning them into shoppable videos on their sites?

✓ Generate revenue from existing videos, reels, clips, stories

✓ First-party data is in yours to keep

✓ Seamless path-to-purchase

✓ Increased engagement, retention rate & conversion rate

If shoppable videos are a new concept to you, but you’re hooked and want to simply take your existing content now and make it shoppable and available directly on your website today, then our video commerce experts can help you do it right now. No need to work harder with extra video productions, just make your current social media videos work smarter. With LiSA’s shoppable video management tool, we can bring your viral video content like tutorials, demos, reels, stories, shorts and make them fully shoppable, so you generate more sales and excite your website shoppers.

Plus, this can really give your brand website a new makeover with modern video content and interactive shoppable videos.

How to create shoppable videos?

If you’re wondering what you need to create shoppable videos, all you need is:

1. Your current video content

2. LiSA, the world’s leading shoppable video platform

Next, you might be wondering how easy is it to create shoppable videos, and with our social shopping platform, it’s possible to do it within the next 24 hours—just get in touch and we’ll show you a free demo of how your video content will become shoppable and how it’ll appear on your website.

Getting started with social shopping on your own website has never been easier. The transition seamlessly integrates the excitement of social media videos into your online store, for better engagement and conversions. The best part?

You’ve already laid all the groundwork. The content you've spent time crafting for your social media channels can be repurposed and transformed into captivating shoppable experiences. This not only saves time but also ensures consistency in your brand's narrative across platforms. To make this process even smoother, we recommend using shoppable video management tools like LiSA. With LiSA, you eliminate the need for duplication of work, saving resources and enabling you to focus on crafting exceptional experiences that resonate with your audience.

Get inspired by brands using shoppable videos

Shoppable and interactive videos successfully turn viewers into active participants via clickable widgets. Through LiSA’s interactive shoppable video platform, we’ll add an interactive overlay over your existing video content to make videos shoppable. The result?

Customers shopping on your website can swipe and click aspects of videos to find out more about a product. Popups show product info and CTAs that encourage conversions, this could be to 'shop now', 'buy now', 'book a test drive' or 'sign up to mailing list'. Brands can add this information via text, images, URLs, product feed, product API's or manually with LiSA video management tool. This format of social shopping combined with video marketing can help brands increase engagement,  click-through rates and encourage an increase in conversion.

Video Marketing = Profit

Transform your static e-commerce website into an attention-grabbing video-centric site. Add Instagram reels & stories like interfaces to your brand store, and convert  more visitors. Videos are shoppers’ favorite way to consume information, and using video marketing like shoppable videos is no longer a luxury but a necessity for any e-commerce business. With LiSA’s shoppable video management platform, you very easily and simply monetize your existing video content which is proven to increase time spent on your site and help shoppers make better purchasing decisions.

Put simply: video content is your brand’s shop window, and it’s one that is always open. Your native site provides shopportunites to connect with customers in valuable moments of product discovery—when they are engaged and primed for purchasing action—so why not give them the fun, engaging interactive shoppable video experience they crave and experience on your social media channels?

Nearly every brand, from global retailers to small businesses are selling their online, so it’s crucial to be one step ahead of the crowd by providing new (and old) customers with an immersive, seamless, and buying process experience that also improves brand interaction and engagement.


Just get in touch with our video commerce experts and we’ll help you repurpose and monetize your existing videos, and we’ll even show you a demo of how this will look on your brand website.

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