The Star Performer of 2024: Social Commerce

Omega Love
January 18, 2024
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Revolutionizing Retail: Mastering the Art of Social & Video Commerce in 2024

Social and video commerce is by far the biggest trend for brands and retailers that will storm in 2024. Shoppers want to see products being used in real life by other shoppers. Who’s using it, how it’s being used, and how they can see it fit into their own life. And as the demand for authenticity skyrockets, brands have to find unique ways to build consumer confidence. 

Here, we've rounded up the three must-have social commerce video formats that brands should seamlessly integrate into their e-commerce websites in 2024. In our social driven world, brands need the basic steps to building a seamless e-commerce shopping experience—using UGC video content, turning various touchpoints into shoppable moments, guiding customers to Product Detail Pages (PDPs), and simplifying the checkout to a one-click process.

Social & Video Commerce Strategies

While there are many components of social commerce, we’re going to focus on the most lucrative for brands—video commerce. It’s made up of three video formats (shoppable stories, shoppable videos and live shopping) that you should know about if you don’t already:

1. Shoppable Stories

This format is perfect for shoppers to discover and explore new products through a dynamic catalogue e.g. new running trainers from your newest collection. Shoppable stories create a cool, immersive experience by seamlessly linking to products. It's not just engaging—it's a conversion powerhouse. Plus, it's the quickest and easiest way to kickstart video commerce for your brand with seriously impressive returns. Forget complex tech projects, with LiSA you can seamlessly implement shoppable stories into your website within minutes thanks to a simple copy-paste of a few lines of code.

But here's the real game-changer: Shoppable stories let you make an instant impact. Take the content you've already created for your social media, repurpose it into a shopping extravaganza with LiSA, and watch your revenue climb. Need proof? Daniela Miska, Founder of Friday Atelier, tried it out.

"We implemented Shoppable Stories on a Friday, and by Monday we were seeing dwell times increase by 20% and AOVs by 30%."
- Daniela Miska (Founder, Friday Atelier)


2. Shoppable Videos

Shoppable videos are extremely effective at showcasing a product in greater detail, in a longer format, to help explain USPs and features on your PDPs, which can otherwise be hard to distinguish from a static image.

Revitalize your website in 2024 by introducing a shoppable video feed or featuring individual shoppable videos strategically placed throughout your site. Not only will you benefit from a visually-engaging website, but videos are proven to drive increased dwell time and better SERP rankings. 

No need to work harder with extra video productions, just make your current social media videos work smarter. With LiSA’s shoppable video management tool, we can bring your viral video content like tutorials, product demos, replay live shows, reels, stories, shorts and make them fully shoppable, so you generate more sales and excite your website shoppers. This not only provides a significant time-saving advantage but also allows you to repurpose existing content and seamlessly integrate it as a shoppable experience on your website. This gives your content a longer shelf-life and adds an additional revenue stream without even needing to create new content!

Shoppable videos work best for "how-to" content, for any industry like fashion hauls or makeup demos. Or for example, if you're a travel vlogger, use them to feature links to trendy travel gear. Own a kitchenware store? Jazz up your cooking shows with links to the utensils and gadgets you showcase.

Shoppable Video Examples @LiSA

But that's just scratching the surface of what shoppable videos can do for your business. To see how your brand can use shoppable videos—whether you're in home decor, fitness, education, children’s products, fashion, travel, leisure, and beyond—we’ve got you covered with our examples guide for every industry, check it out now to discover how easy it is to create relevant shoppable videos that your community will love!

3. Live Shopping Events

Real-time interactions with customers, live product demonstrations and exclusive deals create a sense of urgency and excitement. While live shopping events require more extensive marketing efforts, time, and budget for planning and hosting compared to shoppable stories or videos, they yield remarkably high conversions and enhance brand engagement through a more personalized experience. You can see the power of live shopping events through our client L’O’réal UK:

“Live streaming gives shoppers the chance to see a product being used, to ask questions to make up artists and experts and have real-time interactions, providing the full experience consumers are looking for…” - Lex Bradshaw-Zanger (CMO L’Oréal UK)

Why is Video Commerce Essential for E-commerce Brands?

Many brands often make the mistake of having two separate experiences—one on their social platforms and another on their e-commerce site. The look, photos and layout can be quite different. When customers discover your brand, whether on Google, Instagram or TikTok, it's important for them to feel an authentic connection. If the shopping, community, and brand experience don't align, authenticity is lost. What percentage of your best customers also follow your socials? Greater than 50%?

Use LiSA to transform your video content into a seamless social commerce shopping experience. Instead of link-in-bio, LiSA directly mirrors your Instagram feed on your website, making it easy for customers to explore and purchase through shoppable video content. 

Do You Want to be The Star Performer of 2024?

We hope you’re excited for what awaits your e-commerce brand in the year ahead, and to anchor your social commerce strategy, we’re offering a 1-month free trial of shoppable stories for any brands that want to build community, boost engagement, and increase sales. Our offer gives you the chance to test our entire suite of shoppable content formats completely free, with no commitment. Don't miss out on the opportunity to establish your brand as a social commerce trendsetter in 2024.

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