How Shoppable Videos Elevate Your Ecommerce

Omega Love
January 31, 2024
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How To Create High-Converting Shoppable Videos for Your Industry with Excellent Examples

The marriage of video content and ecommerce has given rise to a powerful marketing tool—shoppable videos. Whatever industry you’re in, you’ve got the power to create shopportunities through almost every form of video, from beauty or fashion hauls, to unboxings, to tutorials and ‘how-to’ videos, this innovative approach allows consumers to seamlessly transition from passive viewers to active shoppers with just one click. In this blog post, we'll delve into a collection of shoppable video examples across various industries, showcasing how ecommerce businesses like yours can leverage this innovative tool to engage your audience and boost sales.

👗 Fashion and Apparel

Fashion brands can take advantage of shoppable videos to bring their clothing and accessories to life. From dynamic fashion hauls to captivating catwalks and lookbooks, viewers can click on outfits they love and make instant purchases. This interactive approach not only enhances the viewing experience but also streamlines the shopping process for fashionistas.

💄 Beauty and Cosmetics

Shoppable videos are a natural fit for beauty tutorials and makeup demonstrations. By incorporating clickable product links, viewers can explore and purchase the specific beauty products featured in the video, whether it's a particular lipstick shade or a foundation brand. This transforms the beauty-watching experience into a personalized shopping journey and our clients like AVON or Charlotte Tilbury love it. Click here to see AVON's customer story and learn how they're leveraging shoppable videos to enhance their brand and customer engagement.

🛋️ Home Decor and Furniture

Whether it's home makeover videos, design walkthroughs, or engaging DIY content showcasing tasks like laying a new floor, these videos feature clickable items. Viewers have the opportunity to explore and purchase highlighted furniture, decor pieces, home appliances, or even gather inspiration for hands-on projects from the DIY videos.

🍳 Cooking and Kitchenware

Cooking shows and recipe videos can go beyond just showcasing culinary skills. By integrating shoppable links, viewers can easily purchase kitchen gadgets, utensils, or ingredients featured in the video, turning cooking inspiration into tangible items in their homes.

🏋️ Fitness and Wellness

Fitness videos can become a one-stop shop for customers looking to upgrade their workout routines. Shoppable links can be added to showcase workout gear, equipment, or wellness products like supplements and vitamins, making it convenient for viewers to purchase items directly from the video.

📱 Technology and Gadgets

Present your state-of-the-art technology products to gadget lovers through reviews or unboxing videos, and take it a step further by making these videos shoppable. Given that technological products often demand detailed explanation, videos excel at delving into gadget intricacies through visual demonstrations. Unlike photos, videos capture the full essence of the product. We've made these tech videos shoppable, making it ultra easy for viewers to understand all the amazing product features and seamlessly purchase the product in a hassle-free way. 

✈️ Travel and Leisure

Travel vlogs are hugely popular and your brand can leverage the power of travel content by collaborating with influencers. Or if you’re a travel influencer, create an additional revenue stream by adding shoppable links to your content that your followers can click and buy. From travel gear to accommodation bookings and tour packages, viewers can now turn their wanderlust into reality by directly purchasing items featured in the video.

📚 Educational Content

Educational videos, especially those focused on DIY or crafting, are perfect for including shoppable links for tools, materials, or recommended books. This adds a practical dimension to the learning experience, which makes it fast and easy for viewers to buy the resources they need in a hassle-free, direct way.

🚗 Automotive Industry

Car review videos can provide customers with direct access to car accessories, maintenance products, or even the opportunity to book test drives. Shoppable videos offer a seamless way for car enthusiasts to explore and purchase items related to their passion.

🎬 Entertainment and Media

Music videos or short films can extend their impact by turning viewers into customers. Shoppable links can be integrated to sell merchandise, movie tickets, or related products, transforming passive viewership into active engagement.

🏡 Real Estate and Property Tours

Virtual property tours can now connect potential buyers directly to real estate listings, home insurance providers, or interior design services. Shoppable videos enhance the home-buying experience by providing easy access to relevant resources.

🧸 Children’s Products

Parents can easily shop for their little ones through videos featuring children's toys, books, or educational materials. Shoppable links make it a breeze for parents to explore and grab items that match their kids' interests and needs. When it comes to children’s products, the demand for safe, age appropriate, and top-notch products is paramount, so videos are an excellent way to reassure parents about the product before they hit the buy button.

Get Started with Shoppable Videos

We hope this blog has given you valuable examples and a taste of how you could turn your tutorials and promotional videos into high-converting video content that delivers on all fronts-entertainment, engagement, and earning revenue! 

If this list of ideas has sparked your interest in repurposing tutorials, demos, how-tos, and unboxings, into shoppable videos that make it extra enjoyable and hassle-free for your community to shop, just get in touch with our video experts. We’ve helped world-leading brands turn their simple videos into high-converting shoppable formats, and we’d love to help you do the same.

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