Post-Event Boost: Maximizing Your Live Shopping Event

Omega Love
March 15, 2024
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Post-Promotion: Best Tips to Maximize Sales after Live Shopping Shows

Table of Content: 

  1. Tip #1: Record & Replay
  2. Tip #2: Snippets for your Product Pages
  3. Tip #3: Reduce shopping cart abandonment
  4. Tip #4: Push Notifications
  5. Tip #5: Personalization in Communication and Retargeting Campaigns
  6. Tip #6: Strengthening Community Engagement
  7. Tip #7: Reward your attendees with something special
  8. Tip #8: Optimise Influencer-generated Content

Did you know, at least 30% of your revenue is generated after the live shopping event? The see-now-want-now-buy-now mentality of today’s consumers is ultimately driving the trend of livestream shopping, the global market for which is predicted to be valued at £431 billion by 2030.

Most marketers know how valuable live shopping shows are in generating huge sales and engagement, thanks to the exclusive show discounts, community spirit, influencer power, FOMO, entertainment, and educational value the audience benefits from during a live show. But what happens after a live shopping event can be just as important—if not more so. Another 34% of viewers make a purchase after the livestream event, and 35% begin following the brand or host on social media. 

Tip #1: Record & Replay

While live video content captures 23% of global viewing time, the majority—77%—is devoted to on-demand content. To maximize your reach, consider recording your livestream and making it accessible on your website and/or social media platforms after the live event concludes. This on-demand content has the potential to play a crucial role in converting viewers into loyal customers for your brand and products. With LiSA’s video platform, we offer a unique Replay feature that allows customers on your website to watch your full live shopping show which includes the excited reactions and chat that happened in the show. Viewers that missed the show can see the questions that other buyers asked about specific products, and this entire replay experience helps maintain the sense of community and high-interaction that’s at the core of the live shopping experience.

The post-live phase is so crucial that we suggest publishing the live replay to your website page immediately. Additionally, we have expert guidance from our Marketing Manager, Kathrin Gering:

I suggest always recording your brand’s live show and afterward the LiSA platform will automatically give you snippets to use very easily on your Instagram stories with a link to ‘Watch the replay’.

This golden advice is a brilliant way of increasing traffic to your e-commerce site, getting more views and generating even more sales from your live show. 

Tip #2: Snippets for your Product Pages

Live shopping is also a way to enhance the customer experience by adding clips from live events to your product pages. By doing this, you can make your brand product catalog less static thanks to these highly engaging short-form pieces of content and video widgets. With the help of dedicated live shopping platforms like LiSA, the system will automatically create video snippets on all product demos—which can be used on your product pages or social networks to spark sales and build up your brand community.

Tip #3: Reduce shopping cart abandonment

A good tip is to create an email flow dedicated to abandoned carts, with a call to action to ‘Buy Now’. Using email marketing to target both registrants and attendees of your live shopping events is essential because these shoppers have already shown interest in your brand by signing up for or attending your event, making them prime candidates for conversion. Craft targeted email campaigns that highlight products showcased during the live event, reminding recipients of the value and excitement they experienced and providing convenient links to complete their purchase directly from their abandoned cart.

Start by sending a timely reminder email within a couple of hours of cart abandonment. This prompt notification serves as a gentle nudge, reminding customers of the items they left behind and encouraging them to reconsider their purchase decision. You’ll get a better click-through rate with clear calls to action prompting them to "Buy Now" or "Complete Your Purchase.

If the initial reminder doesn't lead to a conversion, it's time to escalate your efforts. Consider sending a follow-up email, perhaps after a day or two, offering a personalized discount code as an added incentive to entice hesitant shoppers. This discount can serve as a powerful motivator, capturing their attention and nudging them towards making a purchase they might have otherwise abandoned.

Tip #4: Push Notifications

Motivate your subscribers and community by sending a compelling push notification or text message. Consider something along the lines of:

"Hey there! In case you missed our live show, it's now available on replay."

Mobile message formats with calls-to-action boast a notably high open rate. This method proves effective as the audience has willingly provided their number or allowed notifications from your app, indicating their interest in watching your show.

Tip #5: Personalization in Communication and Retargeting Campaigns

Live shopping shows offer a goldmine of data that are crucial for your brand marketing strategy and efforts. When viewers actively engage with your show by leaving comments, showing likes, or clicking on "Buy" buttons, it's a clear indication of interest. Seize this opportunity to create targeted retargeting campaigns aimed specifically at these engaged shoppers. By doing so, you're staying on top of consumers’ minds and showing you value their engagement.

But don't stop there. Take it a step by following up with a personalized retargeting campaign.

Craft bespoke messages that speak directly to the viewer's interests and interactions during the live event. Provide them with additional information about the products they showed interest in, exclusive special offers tailored to their preferences, or extend a personalized invitation to join your next live show.

Tip #6: Strengthening Community Engagement

After the show wraps up, it's prime time to strengthen ties with your live show attendees and build a real sense of community. One way to do this is by reaching out for feedback. Drop a quick survey or spark a chat on social media about the show. Hearing what they loved (or didn't) helps you tailor future events to their tastes.

Keep the buzz going post-show by talking about the highlights and key moments on social media. Invite people to share their experiences and ideas, it's a great way to keep everyone engaged and feeling like they're part of something special.

Don't forget to showcase the love your community brings! Reshare photos, stories, and shout-outs across your socials when people tag your brand. It not only shows appreciation but also boosts the community spirit. To learn more about this tactic, take a look at our pro-tips blog for live shopping & social media.

Tip #7: Reward your attendees with something special

Make your attendees feel valued by offering exclusive discounts or special deals after the event. This not only rewards their participation but also improves their overall experience, making them feel appreciated by your brand. This personal touch can boost the chances of them making purchases because they're motivated to take advantage of unique offers.

Also, think about extending these exclusive discounts and offers for a few hours or days after the event. This gives attendees more time to decide on purchases and to benefit from the special deals. Extending the timeframe caters to those who missed the event and creates urgency, prompting attendees to act quickly to grab the offers.

Tip #8: Optimise Influencer-generated Content

Influencers can be powerful allies in your marketing efforts, so if you use an influencer to host your show, then it's best to make their content keep working for you even when the event is over. One effective strategy is repurposing highlights from the influencer's content, such as engaging anecdotes, compelling testimonials or product demonstrations and sharing them across your social media channels. 

These highlights continue to attract attention and engage your audience long after the live event has ended. Additionally, you could leverage the testimonials provided by influencers in future marketing efforts, whether on your website, social media platforms, or email newsletters. Incorporating influencer content into your marketing campaigns adds authenticity and credibility to your brand messaging, helping to build trust with your target audience. 

Ready to Maximize Show Sales?

Are you geared up to launch your brand's live shopping shows or do you need our expertise to make them shine even brighter? Hosting exciting brand live shows could be the game-changer that boosts your business with more sales and devoted customers. Whichever post-show marketing strategies you opt for to drive revenue, don't forget our last pro tip: tease your audience with sneak peeks of what's next. This keeps the excitement going and ensures a dedicated audience for future shows.

By following our LiSA expert tips and strategies, you’ll ensure that every live show is not just a one-time event but a powerhouse of long-term content that can be repurposed for maximum sales and engagement.

Book a free demo with LiSA, and let us help you in creating irresistible live shopping shows that amplify sales, engagement and brand awareness, helping your brand shine amidst the competition.

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