Live Shopping Mastery: 10 Key Tips for Unrivaled Success

Omega Love
March 14, 2024
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It’s Showtime! How to Deliver High-converting, High-engagement, Highly Successful Live Shopping Events

Table of Contents

Tip #1: Show the Detail, Features, Angles & Discuss Benefits
Tip #2: Host-focused Q&A Sessions
Tip #3: Games & Giveawa#ys 
Tip #4: Create Urgency, FOMO & Time-limited Offers
Tip #5: Expand Your Audience Reach with Our Multi-stream Feature
Tip #6: Sharing is Caring
Tip #7: Increase AOV & Reward Your Audience for Loyalty
Tip #8: Maximize the Impact of Your Host/Influencer
Tip #9: Hassle-free Checkout Process
Tip #10: Finish Strong with a Clear Call to Action

Welcome to the future of shopping—where the aisles are virtual, the sales are live, and the excitement is palpable. From interactive product demos to exclusive offers and influencer endorsements, live shopping shows offer brands a unique opportunity to showcase their products, engage with their audience in real time and drive conversions like never before. Live shopping is a powerful tool for cutting through the noise of your competitors, offering a new way of product discovery, decreasing return rates, and organically growing your social community through sharing, commenting and promoting live shows across social media platforms.

A great live shopping event can work wonders for a brand's online business and you don’t necessarily need seasonal sales or special offers to make it happen. Retailers found that providing product education during a livestream had the biggest impact on customer behaviors and saw a whopping 23% of e-commerce livestream viewers bought products during the live show.

Here are 10 proven techniques to enhance your live show, generating maximum engagement, sales, authenticity, and entertainment to keep your audience coming back for more.

Tip #1: Show the Detail, Features, Angles & Discuss Benefits

Don't just talk about your products—show viewers how they can improve their lives. Whether it's demonstrating how a skincare product works or showcasing the versatility of a kitchen gadget, focus on the benefits that matter most to your audience. This is one of the most powerful benefits of live shopping because it happens in real-time, from real hosts, that go into depth about a product and allows for more effective communication and a better understanding of customer concerns. Give them a close-up look from different angles, spotlighting key features and demonstrating how they work. Be ready to answer any questions or concerns that pop up during the presentation.

For instance, if you're showcasing jeans, go through the washing instructions, handling them to keep looking great and last longer. Similarly, with kitchen gadgets, illustrate not only how they work but also how easy they are to clean and store, making cooking hassle-free. Likewise, with concealer, show the viewers clear steps on application techniques, the best areas on face for use, and ease of removal to give shoppers a comprehensive understanding of its benefits.

Tip #2: Host-focused Q&A Sessions

Pump up the excitement by actively engaging with your audience as they tune into your live stream. Unlike regular online shopping or social media scrolling, live video shopping gives them a more immersive experience, leading to quicker sales. Through real-time Q&A sessions and chat, customers get an authentic look behind the scenes of your brand.

Get the engagement rates up by:

  • Encouraging questions while also selecting a specific Q&A topic to steer the conversation
  • Add some flair with subtitles, making your live show more captivating for those tuning in on mute
  • Use the multi-login feature so your brand team members can moderate the chat
  • Call out viewers’ names to make them feel like VIPs 

Tip #3: Games & Giveaways 

Capture your audience's attention by injecting fun and excitement into your live shopping show through interactive activities like polls, trivia, and games. And to sweeten the deal, offer giveaways for those who join in or win. This not only keeps people around longer but also boosts your sales. Ask fun questions related to your products or industry and encourage viewers to participate by voting or submitting their answers in the chat. It's like turning your live show into a fun and interactive game show where everyone can play along. ‍

*LiSA's PRO TIP: Don't forget to ask viewers to share photos or videos using a special hashtag—they'll become your brand ambassadors, spreading the word for you.

Tip #4: Create Urgency, FOMO & Time-limited Offers

Quick! Act fast before time runs out! When you use a countdown timer to showcase deals that are about to expire, they become even more irresistible. It's no surprise that limited edition items often sell out faster than expected. By using timers to highlight hot deals on the brink of ending, you ignite a sense of urgency in people to grab these items ASAP. This taps into the persuasion principle of scarcity—a strategy commonly used by companies to sell products faster by labeling them as "limited edition." Set up a timer and watch as customers rush to purchase products before the clock runs out. 

*LiSA's PRO TIP: For best results, we recommend featuring at least two new products, along with some exclusives reserved for live event attendees.

Tip #5: Expand Your Audience Reach with Our Multi-stream Feature

One of the best methods for enticing more people to join and discover your products in your live shows is through the multistreaming feature. Not all live shopping platforms offer this, so we strongly recommend doing your research and choosing a platform that gives your brand the capacity to simultaneously broadcast your live show across multiple social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) simultaneously, which draws in more eyes and engagement. LiSA is one of the unique video commerce platforms that provides this feature, so if you haven't tapped into social multi-streaming yet, discover how easy it could be for your brand to implement.

Tip #6: Statistical Sharing is Caring

With LiSA’s live commerce management platform, spreading the word is effortless. Our Social Sharing feature lets you seamlessly distribute your show across all your social channels, as well as through WhatsApp and email. The share feature provides attendees with a deep link that drives them directly to the show instead of the landing page.

Here's a quick guide for growing your community organically:

  • If 50% of viewers click on the deep-link directly to the current live show: Keep it going strong! Your viewers are clicking through your links effectively.
  • If less than 50% click on the link you’ve shared to your live show: Start using this feature in all your promotions and avoid landing page links.

Want to learn more about how sharing can boost your viewership? Reach out to us, and our video experts will walk you through it all.

Tip #7: Increase AOV & Reward Your Audience for Loyalty

Encourage your audience to tune in and participate in your stream by offering enticing incentives. People are busy and there are a million different ways they can spend their time online, so it’s crucial you make them feel like they can’t miss your content. Creating must-see moments is key to driving viewership and cultivating a dedicated following. One of the best techniques is offering exclusive coupon codes announced only during the live stream and available for a limited time, or hosting competitions where viewers can win exciting prizes like gift hampers or products. 

By giving your audience something special, you'll leave them feeling valued and eager to return for more. Whether it's a special discount code or a free gift with a purchase, make viewers feel like VIPs for being part of the live commerce experience. It's like rolling out the red carpet and treating them to something special they can't get anywhere else. 

*LiSA's PRO TIP: Boost the average order value (AOV) even more with product bundles or packages for an extra convenient and value-added shopping experience. Our clients report this leads to higher AOVs and incentivizes larger transactions.

Tip #8: Maximize the Impact of Your Host/Influencer 

Encourage them to share their expertise, especially in areas like beauty, and highlight why your brand's products are the cream of the crop. Think of it as a live beauty tutorial, showcasing your brand's brilliance. Whether it's influencers, brand ambassadors or sales stars leading the show, remind them to sprinkle in personal stories and product tips. It adds a personal touch that builds trust and credibility with the audience.

*LiSA's PRO TIP: Want to pull in more viewers? Get your influencer to share the event link on their Instagram story and socials while they're live. It's like ringing the dinner bell for their followers, enticing them to join the fun. 

Tip #9: Hassle-free Checkout Process

The experts at LiSA always recommend offering a diverse range of checkout methods to ensure customers can swiftly and effortlessly complete their purchases. The seamless path to purchase is an essential benefit that shoppers love because they can easily and quickly checkout on one platform, without the hassle of being transferred to third-party websites or other platforms to complete their purchase. Make the journey as simple and stress-free as possible, keep your customers on your brand pages and trust us, they’ll be back wanting more.

Customers expect convenience, so we suggest you offer popular payment methods like Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, and Apple/Google Pay. These trusted options not only enhance ease but also boost confidence in the buying process. Streamlining your checkout with these choices ensures smoother transactions and builds trust with your customers.

Tip #10: Finish Strong with a Clear Call to Action

Wrap up your live show with a powerful call to action that urges viewers to take action. Whether it's making a purchase, subscribing to your newsletter or connecting on social media, guide them toward the next step seamlessly. Think of it as providing your customers with a roadmap for what comes next, inviting them to stay engaged with your brand long after the live show ends and consequently this will help you increase your website traffic and grow a solid, loyal community.

Ready to Put On A Show And Earn Extra $$$

Instead of comparing offline to online, think of live commerce as a part of your omnichannel business strategy. For many brands, building a brand in the live shopping space has proven to be a catalyst for strengthening the business. As consumers spend more time online, the brands that have a strong ecommerce presence are the ones that will benefit from increased brand engagement and boosted sales. Live shopping is here to stay, and the retailers and ecommerce brands that aren’t agile enough to keep up with the needs of Gen Z and today’s consumers’ needs will be surpassed by their competition.  

As you prepare to embark on your next live shopping adventure, remember to think outside the box, stay true to your brand's voice and values, and above all, have fun! Because in the end, it's not just about selling products—it's about creating moments, showing authenticity, providing expertise and trust, and building a community of loyal fans and customers.

So here's to the future of shopping with LiSA—may it be filled with excitement, innovation, and endless opportunities to connect, inspire, and delight. See you at the next live show!

Throughout this article, we’ve sprinkled extra bonus tips and tricks that will help you increase your sales and engagement rates in your live shows, but if you want even more guidance and additional hacks, just get in touch with LiSA’s video experts.

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