Press Release: Social commerce start-up LiSA unveils “LiSA POP” at NRF

Sophie Frères
January 14, 2023
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January 14th, 2023

First zero-code live shopping solution dedicated especially to media platforms and non-ecommerce brands

With the US live commerce market poised to reach $68 Billion by 20261, software start-up LiSA (short for live and social commerce assistant) is beginning to expand its SaaS solution portfolio into new sectors. Having established itself with turnkey enterprise SaaS solutions among e-retailers such as AVON USA, Marks & Spencer and Charlotte Tilbury, the team at LiSA has now launched LiSA POP.

LiSA POP is a solution which enables media platforms such as online magazines and blogs, as well as brands without an own e-commerce, to easily run and monetize their own-branded live shopping activities.

The Challenge : Entertaining and Monetizing Audiences

Until now, the SaaS solutions available in the live commerce space were predominantly focused on being embedded within the e-commerce environment of a retailer or brand, thus creating a seamless experience between livestream entertainment, audience interaction via chat and a direct path-to-purchase.

“In our work with large CPGs such a L’Oréal and through numerous requests from publishers, we realized that there was a big desire for online media outlets and D2C brands with large audiences – but no own e-commerce– to be able to not only offer innovative and entertaining experiences such as live shopping, but to monetize them systematically, too.”
Sophie Frères, CEO at LiSA

The Solution : LiSA POP, no-code live shopping channels for media and non-ecommerce brands

Using LiSA POP, online publishers and non-ecommerce brands can simply book a customized live shopping channel on an event-per-event basis. To their audiences, the experience will be fully branded and act as though it were seamlessly embedded within the publisher’s or brand’s website. These customizable channels can be setup within 24 hours and require zero tech-lift on the publisher’s or brand’s side.

The given publisher or brand can link products in their live show, thus making them instantly shoppable, from any external online shop they would like to. Affiliate tracking is also possible, thus making a systematic monetization possible from day 1.

So, if, for example, you’re a consumer electronics blog wanting to host your own live shopping event, pre-advertise it on Instagram and make products shoppable at Best Buy, the experience could look like this:

“We’re thrilled that our new solution LiSA POP will enable online publishers and brands without an e-commerce to join the live shopping party, too! As LiSA’s long-term vision is to enable seamless social shopping for everyone, no matter which platform their discovery begins or ends on, this new and innovative solution brings the ecosystem one step closer together – and makes seamless cross-platform discovery for all of us as users a reality.”
Sophie Frères, CEO at LiSA

For an opportunity to see a live demo of LiSA’s live and social commerce software solutions in action, please visit them at NRF from Jan 15th to 17th 2023, where they are exhibiting within the Innovation Hub at Booth#8117.

About LiSA
LiSA is a social and live commerce SaaS start-up born in Germany, operating globally. It was founded in 2018 byPhilippe Frères (Co-Founder and CPO) and Sophie Frères (Co-Founder and CEO). Its mission is to enable seamless social commerce experiences for everyone. It is best known for its turnkey enterprise software solutions, which enable customizable live-shopping experiences within the online shops and apps of e-retailers such as Marks & Spencer, AVON USA and Charlotte Tilbury, as well as its CMS which enables brands to manage social commerce activities across all platforms, including Social Media such as Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

Website :

Sophie Frères, CEO
Mobile: +491722402171

Sylvia Dudek, Business Development Lead

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