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Two mobiles showing examples of live shopping formats and integrations on a website. The front mobile shows different real live shopping shows of different customers from LiSA. The back mobile shows the integration of shoppable videos on a website.

Are you ready to turbocharge your ROI with minimal effort?

Dive into our exclusive guide, "3 Easy Ways to Lift ROI," focusing on the power of social shopping to unlock the secrets to scaling your financial results effortlessly.

Join us and discover how to refine your marketing strategies, enhance your customer interactions, and capitalize on cutting-edge tools.

This guide is your first step towards doubling your ROI and driving business success.

Two mobiles showing examples of live shopping formats and integrations on a website. The front mobile shows different real live shopping shows of different customers from LiSA. The back mobile shows the integration of shoppable videos on a website.

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Live Shopping

Live, interactive and Live selling Events
From no-code pop-up events to own-branded multi streaming on your platform
Powerful analytics, compelling insights
Easy content management and distribution
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Shoppable Videos

Pre-recorded product demos, a live show replay, or even videos your creators or customers have made
Shoppable video feed or solo videos anywhere on your site
Automated widget plugin for ultra fast set-up
Let livestream content live longer
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Shoppable Stories

Short-clip feed that sells your store content in quick snippets
Social-media-like shoppable story feed
Anywhere on your website
Video editing tool to create the perfect little clip
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At LiSA, we transform online stores into unmissable, can’t-stop-shop digital destinations for inspiring discovery, thrilling content and social connection. Basically? Your customers will love you. Our ultra fun-to-use tools mean your team will love you, too.

Brands that Trust Us

What Our Dear Customers Say:

"The team at LiSA have been the perfect partner for evolving our live shopping events. From literally ‘no-code’ experimentation events through to what is now a regular staple and continuing to grow with multiple shows per week. This is a great product stack for any business thinking about leveraging the power of live shopping."
Stuart Ramage
Digital Strategy & Transformation
L'Oréal Logo
Testimonial from Stuart Ramage Marks & Spencer
"Live streaming gives shoppers the chance to see a product being used, to ask questions to make up artists and experts and have real-time interactions, providing the full experience consumers are looking for..."
Lex Bradshaw-Zanger
L'Oréal Logo
Testimonial from Lex Bradshaw-Zanger CMO L'Oréal UK
"This partnership allows our consumer to buy exactly what they see, there and then. Initial pilot testing has produced amazing results and we are confident that Bagallery x LiSA’s partnership will be a unique first for the Pakistan’s e-commerce industry.
Salman Sattar
Bagallery Logo
Testimonial Image from Salman Sattar CEO Bagallery
"LiSA has a deep understanding not only of what kind of experiences audiences love, but of the types of solutions different brands and retailers will require to be successful."
Isabella Chick
Founders Factory Logo
Testimonial Image of Isabella Chick CSO Founders Factory
"What surprises us the most was how easy, seamless and intuitive the technology has been built. LiSA provides AVON’s virtual conventions with the perfect interactive social component and shoppable features that keep our audience engaged from start to finish. "
Jason SIgala
Testimonial Image of Jason SIgala Avon USA

Featured Customer Story

 Laptop with Avon Website and Live Shopping Video Gallery and a Mobile with AVON Website and Picture and Picture Feature

How M&S' Community-Led Approach is Winning Over Live Shopping Audiences

M&S, a British retailer of food, clothing and homeware, first partnered with LiSA in 2021 to power a few live shopping events for members of its loyalty program. The retailer has continued to work with LiSA in 2021 and 2022 to launch multiple weekly interactive and shoppable livestreams that enable customers to discover new products and pose live questions to an M&S expert.

Join The Shopping Experience Revolution Today!

Who said integrating social commerce was easy? Oh, wait, we did. With LiSA, you can start interacting with your online customers on a personal level, delighting them and converting your content to sales right before your eyes.

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