Business Development Director USA

Are you one of those rare breeds that is deeply passionate and connected in the retail or e-commerce industry and simply loves an innovative experience powered by a great tech solution?

LiSA's ultimate vision is to enable seamless social shopping experiences for all.

Our flexible SaaS solutions for LIVE shopping and other social entertainment experiences help e-retailers transform their online shops into exciting destinations of social discovery.

Our top-notch retail customers get everything they need out of one hand. We’re proud to count retailers and brands such as AVON, L’Oréal, Marks & Spencer, Charlotte Tilbury and USA’s leading premium department stores among our loyal customers.

LiSA was founded in 2018 by Sophie and Philippe Frères, both passionate retail innovation veterans, when they realized that live and social shopping would become the next big thing in e-commerce - and that the space desperately needed sleek and headless solutions to power next-level shopping experiences. Empathy, joyfulness, efficiency and curiosity are the core values by which the team drives change in the commerce sector every day.


Are you one of those rare breeds that is deeply passionate and connected in the retail or e-commerce industry and simply loves an innovative experience powered by a great tech solution? Perhaps you’ve spent the first years of your career in the retail sector designing customer experiences or driving innovation and new tech adoption and the last few years honing your networking and sales skills at a B2B SaaS provider?

Specifically, we are looking for an experienced Business Development Director to help us accelerate our growth in the American E-retail market. Our retail-tech SaaS solutions cater to the needs of enterprise level brands and retailers, and we make it a key priority that our team truly speaks the language of these customers (hence empathy as one of our core values).

You're the right person for the job if you'd love to:

  • Create and oversee the execution of a business development strategy to bring in qualified, top tier e-retailer leads looking to launch live and social shopping in their e-commerce
  • Have a natural knack and passion for networking, driving thought leadership and managing relationships among top-tier retailers
  • Build and lead a Business Development and potentially Customer Management team for LiSA in the USA
  • Are excited about the Live & Social Commerce space and want to become a key driver in disrupting online shopping in the USA
  • Help define efficient, effective and scalable lead gen processes for LiSA's B2B SaaS solutions
  • Accept the challenge of making our qualified lead pipeline skyrocket

Most importantly, we are looking for someone who deeply understands how leading e-retailers go about selecting SaaS solutions to work with in their e-commerce.

Ideally, you bring with you:

  • Multiple years working at a leading retailer with a heavy focus on e-commerce experience design, innovation, digital transformation or digital marketing.
  • Experience and a proven track record in running business development at a retail-tech B2B SaaS company
  • A solid network within the US e-retailer sector, preferably at a decision-making level
  • Previous experience with live and social commerce

LiSA is growing up fast. We're at that magical stage where we've nailed product market fit and get to work with the most amazing international retailers and brands seeking to offer live and social entertainment shopping, ranging from the USA across Europe to the UAE.

If you join us now, you’ll have a unique opportunity to work closely with the founders to shape how we run business development at LiSA and build what is required to take the US market by storm.

Further benefits:

  • Potential to participate in virtual share program for employees
  • Flexible choice of work place (Working space in New York will be provided, remote work possible)

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